Life is tough my darling, but so are you

Life is tough my darling, but so are you. Stephanie Bennett-Henry

You never know how tough and strong you can be until you have a sick child. You want to run and hide. You get angry. You scream. You cry. You feel helpless. You feel fear. You don’t understand all the big medical words.

Confusion sets in. You feel small, helpless, weak.

You fall to your knees. You look to the sky. You pray.

You find strength. You find hope. You find understanding. You find peace.





Do you believe that you can have absolutely anything you want?

This is a post I read earlier today. Loved it and had to share. Click the link to read. You won’t be disappointed.


Do you believe that you can have absolutely anything you want? If not, then why is that? Give it some thought: why do you think that you cannot have anything you desire? Is it because it’s too hard, or impossible, or just not logical…? Or do you believe you’re not worthy? Ask yourself: why do…

via You Can Have Anything You Want When You Give Up The Belief That You Can’t Have It – Bashar — The Seeds 4 Life



Regret. Do you ever think about the things in your life you wish you hadn’t done? When I hear the word regret, I picture a black wall. I think of should have, would have, could have. I see a fork in the road. Do I take the left side or the right? What if I make the wrong decision. My ears hear moaning and sighs. I picture hands covering a face as the head moves back and forth.

I have things I regret. I regret chasing my sister through the house and busting through the glass door. I regret eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal when I had the stomach flu. I regret back talking my mom in the checkout line in Wal-Mart. I regret not studying for that math test in 6th grade. I regret hitting that classic Ford Mustang and driving off to tell my mom and the cops are looking for me because I technically did a thing called a “hit and run.”

I regret not pursuing acting. I love theater. I always wanted to live in New York and work on SNL. I regret that one night I drank too much Hot Damn. I regret not telling my grandmothers I loved them more before they passed away.

What do you regret doing or not doing? What do you think would have happened in your life if you did the thing you regret?





I would like to say that I am completely shocked about the bombing in Manchester, but I’m not. I am however sick to my stomach thinking about all those innocent lives that were lost.

Being an Ariana Grande concert, I can only imagine all the young kids in the audience. Something that was supposed to be a memory in the making is now a nightmare that will haunt for a lifetime.

Right now there are still so many questions. Was it terrorist? Probably. It blows my mind how people think blowing up stuff will bring honor to self and country. That is the biggest load of crap. I’m sorry but killing innocent people to bring triumph, is cowardly.

I am sick and tired of fearing for my safety when I go to a movie because someone could shoot up the place. Or when I go to Wal-Mart that someone is going to walk in with a bomb strap to their back. If I see a random box or debris on the side of the road, I think of a bomb. Don’t even get me started on flying. Sadly, that is just what terrorists want. They want to get in your head.

My heart just breaks for Manchester. I am praying for complete peace. I pray that parents can find their children. I pray this stops.